Dr. Lina Maria Moyano is specialist in serving children with regulation and communication disorders and their families. She had worked in the field of autism since 2005.  She first worked with the behavioral model for a few years and  was able to witness some of the disadvantages of the approach. Many children would respond to commands only for external rewards and would not internalize what was being taught. She was able to help many families but she  wanted to impact the children and their families at a deeper, emotional level. As such, Dr. Moyano started her training to become a DIRFloortime® provider through the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning in 2009. She is very passionate about embracing the DIRFloortime® model and has witnessed tremendous positive impact this approach has on families.  

Dr. Moyano is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida and received a Doctoral Degree in Special Education with a minor in Autism from Nova Southeastern University.  She holds a degree of Master of Social Work from Florida International University and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with minors in Psychology and Philosophy from Saint Thomas University. 

She has been  active in the local autism community for years. She provides training and lectures in schools and therapeutic centers. She was featured in the documentary "Playtime" and has been interviewed in  by CNN en español  She is very passionate about her work and will be happy to assist your child and your family.