"When my son started Floor Time with Lina almost two years ago, he was having difficulty sleeping, communicating with peers, and was overall just not a happy child. After only a few months of therapy, I started noticing positive changes in my son’s behavior. Slowly but surely he became more flexible and open to situations that used to send him over the edge. With Lina’s guidance, I learned that my son needed certain things to help him function at a higher level. For example, we discovered that he needed to move his body to help regulate his mood and emotions. As a result, I purchased a medicine ball for my home and noticed how quickly he perked up when he used it. There are so many examples like this; I cannot express the deep gratitude I have towards Lina and what she has done for us as a family. Through the floor time approach, my son has made an incredible transformation. He now has a very high level of self-awareness, so much that he celebrates his own success! He realizes that the things that used to challenge him, no longer hold him back. There is nothing more amazing than to see your child blossom and open up in a way one could only dream of."- Jessica, November 2016

"Looking for a fresh approach, we came to Lina after a year and a half of various other therapies. While my son, 3 at the time, had made significant gains over time, we struggled with both his desire to play and sustained back and forth interactions. Lina taught us how to listen to our child and follow our child’s lead to connect with him on a different level. Before we knew it, he was approaching me at home saying, “let’s play momma!” Lina has the innate ability to observe & analyze my child's' behaviors, providing me with insight into possibilities of why my son was engaging in certain behaviors. Using the tools Lina taught me, this information empowered me to be able to adapt my approach with him, to better address his needs. Lina is an educated, warm, loving and experienced professional, but most of all, she has a sincere desire to connect to your child and assist your family in their journey!" - Claudia (January 2014)

"Lina, through Floortime therapy, has taught us to relate, engage and understand our little boy. With her advice, we now understand what he wants to express. My son communicates with words; however, during play time there are sounds, gestures and movements that also have meaning. Understanding this, we can create a mutual interaction with dynamic reciprocity. Not only has my son improved his relation with us, but also with other adults and children as well. In addition, we have also learned how important it is to understand and empathize with the emotions of our son to get high quality engagement. Now, we empathize with his emotions and he also empathizes with ours, with our happiness and frustrations. This process has helped us improve our relationship in our family; not only, with our son, but also with my husband as a couple. We definitely recommend her to work with your family." - Liliana (January 2014)

"In the last four years that my son has been seeing Lina, he has made huge progress. He went from hardly having any eye contact or play skills, to a child who is completely engaged. In the videos from when he first started out, he was very much closed in his own world. Now he loves to pretend play with family, his brother and classmates at school. At first, doing floortime therapy, the progress seemed very slow. But gradually he learned to feel safe and we were able to build up his trust in us. Lina helped us build up this trust with our son in a fun and engaging way, which opened him up to learning new skills. He now loves and enjoys learning, and has learned to deal with the frustration of some of his limitations. Lina taught him that sometimes we can laugh at those things that frustrate us instead of cry and tantrum. This is a huge skill that has changed the whole family's quality of life! He has also learned to communicate with us not just to meet his needs, or because he was prompted to do so, but because he truly enjoys it. To us that is priceless, and is something that really cannot be taught through drills. It is fostered through time spent with the child building trust through playing at the child's level, and slowly building upon that each time. We are so thankful to have her in our lives!" - Shiri (January 2014)

“Our daughter was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum when she was two years old. We decided immediately that we would explore and consider any option available to get her better. She did extremely well on her first year of ABA, and we were pleased with her advancement. We felt though, that she also was becoming more automatic and less spontaneous.While reading a comprehensive book that explores all approaches for ASD, there was some information suggesting the efficacy of the “Floor Time” approach. We researched some more, and this is how we came to meet Lina. Our goals include to feel more capable in dealing with our daughter, to be able to treat her as a unique individual, give validity to her feelings, decrease her anxiety, and allow her to be more creative and imaginative. From our first meeting with Lina, we believed that something new and exciting was going to happen…that maybe we had found the next path to take. The beauty of floor time therapy is that we are now the therapists, and everyone in the family can participate. We wanted to be part of the treatment, and we wanted the treatment to be more than a “therapy session”. We wanted an approach that we could use in her natural environment, wherever that is. Lina has been a teacher for me. I’ve learned how to play, how to enjoy our daughter more, and to appreciate and rejoice in the wonder of her development. I love that this is a parent-child driven approach and that there is continued coaching. Without this coaching it would have been impossible for me to progress and adapt as my daughter responds to this approach. There will always be ups and downs with a child on the spectrum, and when these have occurred, Lina has been able to help us work through them. One thing we know for certain is that we are much more in tune with our daughter, and Lina has helped us through an important transition in her treatment.” – Damaris (January 2014)

"Our family has been involved with the Floortime model for the past three years since our son was diagnosed with Autism at 22 months. I have been working with Ms. Lina Moyano for the past year. During this time, I have found Lina to display such patience, professionalism, and respect for the children and their families. Her dedication and commitment both in and out of the therapy room is astounding. She is also involved with several professional organizations and meetings always striving to improve her skills. In addition, Lina is always examining and reviewing the latest research in the field of Floortime which helps us become better informed parents. Perhaps the most vital part of Lina’s strengths is her ability to collaborate with other professionals on your team which I feel is the key ingredient for to ensure your child has reached his/her potential." - Alicia (March 2011)

"Lina came to be an important part of our lives 6 months ago. She engaged with our three year old son from the first visit. In fact, on the first day she came to our home, I saw the best eye contact I have ever seen on him. She taught us how to play with our son, validate his feelings, understand his emotions and engage with him. Although we have given him several different types of therapies, she brought to our family the missing piece. Her warm, loving, and fun personality has helped my son improve his creativity and socialization skills. He asks for her during the week and gets so happy on the day he knows she is coming to our home. She is reliable, responsible and a great person to work with. I learned to reach my son through her! I highly recommend her as a great professional therapy for our families." - Liliana (June 2010)