In these parent coaching sessions, the clinician will work together with the family to set and work towards specific goals to target the overall development of the child. During this sessions, parents will acquire a deeper understanding of the individual challenges their child may be facing through an interdisciplinary perspective. We will work on specific techniques that will help parents connect better with the child and engage in a type of interaction that will be beneficial for the whole family system. Through these sessions, parents adopt the tools to better help their child throughout the day. Parents also learn to play with in a way the child will welcome the interaction.Check out testimonials of families who have received this service. 

From Parent to parent: 

Most people parent based on subconscious memories from their own childhood and likely end up acting and sounding a lot like their own parent(s) did. Parents don’t consciously think about all the subtle nuances involved in a child’s development because most don’t need to. They parent with ingrained scripts and expectations and do their best and the child progresses. For a parent with a child on the spectrum, the way that you were raised or the way that you raised your neurotypical older children will not translate nearly as well for autistic kids and this creates a lot of fear for parents.

These children develop differently and need a parent(s) that is extremely aware of the intricacies of child development to help them progress. Floortime teaches and reinforces the additional skills that you need first by introducing the stages of Social-Emotional Development or “The Process of How Little Humans Learn To Relate and Function With Others in Society.” It provides a framework and a safe environment to truly connect with your child and begin to view the world through their unique experience. You will learn to decipher seemingly mundane cues that are in fact extremely essential to your child’s emotional and social growth. As you begin to work with a trained practitioner you will truly begin to accept the diagnosis, live more in the moment and become a more nurturing, patient and accepting person. As this happens, your child will feel more understood, become happier and will begin to make progress in ways that will help to ease your fears for their future. It will be time-consuming, you will be stretched emotionally and it will be totally worth it for all involved! - An awesome autism dad!